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From Lakeport to Daytona was the first driver website on the West Coast, which was created by Al Locy in 1992.  The original website was created for driver Pete Graham as he began racing in the Winston West series, This new version will highlight all of Pete Graham's racing career, starting in 1985 and continuing to present day.

Pete's racing history briefly

Pete Graham started racing at Lakeport Speedway in Lakeport California in 1985, starting out in the Compact Auto Racing Series in a 1967 Ford Cortina. During his first year in racing he met Robbie Robinson, who was to be a pivotal person in moulding and directing Pete's racing career.  At the end of the first year, Pete decided to build a new, more competative car, and since Pete was fond of the Ford Cortina, he found a 1968 version for the next car. With Robinson's guidance, the new car was much faster and competative than the first car. Unfortunately, the new car was destroyed in a multicar crash a few years later at Lakeport Speedway.  A new, tube chassis car was built with a new Thunderbird body that proved to be the breakout vehicle that Pete was looking for, winning the first 3 races in 1990 and going on to win many races that year and the following years competing in the new Pro-Four series. While leading the Frisco Kid Memorial on Memorial day weekend 1993, a slower car lost control and collided with Pete, the resulting wreck created damage that would take time to repair and with a new car already under contruction, that car was put aside for future repairs.  Graham racing undertook completion of the new car, which was debuted on the July 4th weekend. 

Pete would go on to win many more races in the California Pro Four Series, In 1992 Pete was offered a ride in the NASCAR Winston West series, driving for Scribner Motorsports out of Rancho Cordova California in the Motorcraft 500 at Monroe Washington.  That got Pete hooked on the Winston West Series and in 1994 Pete built his own NASCAR Winston West team.  He continued to compete in the Pro-Four series while beginning his NASCAR career as well as competing in the Street Stock and other divisions at Lakeport Speedway. Pete's had many top 10 races in the first 4 years in the Winston West, but his biggest accomplishment came in 1996, racing at the 'New" superspeedway at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and finished 10th in points in the Winston West series for that year.  Pete's son Dallen was born on the day Pete competed in the Las Vegas race. After meeting his son, Pete descided to take a break from driving to spend time with Dallen and also spent time as crew chief for several teams, including a SouthWest Tour car.  In February 2021, Robbie Robinson found Pete's car, the actual car that won those first 3 races in 1990 and brought it back to life as a Pro-Four modified to compete in the AAA Energy Systems Pro-Four series.

Running the Pro Four series in Eureka California in 1993

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